Monday, April 28, 2008

geekFest location.

Branksome Dene Community Room
Off Pinewood Road, Footpath 63
(entrance close to 25 Pinewood Road BH13 6JP)
Branksome Dene
Dorset UK

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Call for Book Artworks for the 2nd geekFest bienalle. 26&27 May 2008. Deadline 12th May.

piCOt invites submissions for an Artists Book Library for geekFest 2008 - a two-day festival of digital, live art and time-based practices by cultural experimenters.

geekFest presents work which is hybrid, interactive, relational and negotiates a space with the audience through technology. Through various media; action, installation, performance, new media and book arts the festival presents the ways in which artists use technology to explore the location/situation of the festival.

We invite you respond to the idea of art and technology / borders and meeting points.

geekFest takes place at the coastal location of Branksome Dene Chine in Poole, Dorset. The word 'chine' means a 'deep, narrow ravine cut through soft rocks by a water course descending steeply to the sea'. This landscape is peculiar to Dorset and the Isle of Wight. As the walls of the chines erode continually, the strata are clearly visible. Chines are therefore very important for their fossil records, their archaeology and the unique flora and fauna they provide shelter to. The walk between the chines of Bournemouth and Poole is approximately 3 miles.

More about the festival: Building on the success of the 2006 festival geekFest aims to create a professional situation and a supportive environment for experimental artists to show new work and to develop a dialogue with existing and new audiences. geekFest aims to actively promote and celebrate the diversity of experimental culture.

Please contact Esther Yarnold on for submission details. For more information on 2006’s festival please visit – 2008’s website will go live on 12th May.

geekFest 2008. postcard.

geekFest 2008. Dorset Arts Weeks brochure ad.

geekFest 2006 | a one-day festival of digital and live art

curated by piCOt featured local, national and international artists.

"ten artists present an inner intensity ‘eye of the tiger’ belonging in a beach hut. piCOt presents the obsessive assemblages, rotations, heart beats and transmissions of liam birtles, boredomresearch, dave brown, paula brown, tiago gambogi, GilbertandGrape, Mr Helium and the Holy Gliders, interim - ben trill and esther yarnold, dj jez, mark leahy, lomoMoon, multicoloured green, maddy pethick, squidsoup and gillian wylde on the sandy shores of branksome dene and chine with moments of un-tech art, channels of desire and rock interaction. ‘general electrical engineering knowledge’ held together by plastic bags, electrical heart beats and too-small-to-see waves."
Helen Pritchard and Esther Yarnold 2006.

geekFest 2006. pingo [art vending machine]

geekFest 2006. STRANGE SAVAGE DESIRES one million years BC - AC/DC. gillian wylde.

geekFest 2006. [re]collection. esther yarnold.

geekFest 2006. by the way. GilbertandGrape.

geekFest 2006. interlude. maddy pethick.

geekFest 2006. hand in glove. mark leahy.

geekFest 2006. low-fi landscaping. boredomresearch.

geekFest 2006. geeklub. lomoMoon.

geekFest 2006. Copacabournemouth. Tiago Gambogi.

geekFest 2006. Multicoloured Green.

geekFest 2006. DJ Jez.